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Celebrating the vision of “Radical Forest Futures” for forest-dependent communities 

"Radical Forest Futures" represents a perspective that reimagines the role of forests in the context of community-driven prosperity and well-being. This paradigm shift transcends conventional notions of forest preservation, positioning these vital ecosystems as dynamic catalysts for sustainable development. Within this innovative framework, local communities with security of tenure emerge as protagonists, poised to consolidate their economic sustainability with secured forest tenurial rights.  By adopting sustainable practices like ecologically-informed Seasonal Forest Products collection powered by technological innovations, communities can foster livelihood opportunities and advance local models of conservation vital for sustainable development.

Join us in the celebration at International Learning Exchange 2023!

Multipurpose Hall, University Stadium, University of Delhi, Delhi, India

Image by Agence Olloweb

Be a part of knowledge and experience sharing,
engage in a symbiotic process where insights are flaring, minds collaborate, grow, and keep innovating.

Image by Shane Rounce

Be a part of dynamic forum where experts, stakeholders, or participants with diverse backgrounds and expertise will come together to engage in open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.


Participate in cultural events, celebrate diversity and share stories.

Event Highlights

Six thematic panel discussion focusing on community, forest and resource relationship.

Knowledge Sharing Session

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